Skin tags, broken capillaries and blood spots are very common and can occur in almost anyone.  Skin tags generally are caused due to friction on body parts where the skin folds, including eyelids, neck, the area under your breast, armpits, groin and thighs.  These are easily removed by Electrocoagulation- by using the same machine used in Electrolysis.  Smaller skin tags come off immediately and larger tags will scab over and fall off in a week or so time.  Once a skin tag is treated it won't come back- however new skin tags can form over time with the reaped friction mentioned above.

Broken capillaries (most common on cheeks and nose) and blood spots (also known as Cherry Angioma)are  treated painlessly and full results are seen almost immediately. Through use of the same machine as electrolysis, a sterile probe is placed ON TOP of the skins surface and energy is applied- the current coagulates the blood and the body absorbs the unused capillary .  Pricing $40+

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