Permanent Hair Removal 

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If hair growth is affecting your quality of life and are tired of constantly having to shave, tweeze, thread, bleach, sugar and wax your unwanted hair electrolysis is the only permanent solution for you. 

If Laser hasn't worked in the past- or has caused a significant increase in hair growth (very common in about 40% of people who have done laser ) Contact us today!

Electrolysis is beneficial for everyone who wants to permanently remove unwanted hair no matter their age, gender or skin tone!   It’s also ideal for those transitioning - going through menopause and after pregnanncy- as well as those who suffer from Hirsutism 

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method in permanently removing hair. Unlike laser, Electrolysis can treat any colour skin and hair colour. A fine probe is inserted into the natural opening of the hair follicle and heat and energy is applied to the root- which destroys the source of hair growth! Multiple sessions will be needed to successfully treat the area, however each time less hair grows back and it is finer and thinner after each session.

Any hair, anywhere can be treated with electrolysis and will achieve 100% permanent removal. No area too big or too small! Face and body- men and women of all ages are treated in my office and achieve smooth hair free skin! Contact us today! 

Popular areas: full face- chin, cheek, upper lip, eyebrows, sideburns, neck,  beard line, ears, underarms, bikini line, legs, chest, nipples, back.  Anywhere you have unwanted hair we can treat! 

• 15 minutes - $40

• 30 minutes - $58

45 minutes -$70

60 minutes $85

•Sessions cancelled without 24 hours notice or an appointment no show will 

result of loss of prepaid session or full charge to the credit card on file . 

  Arriving late for the scheduled appointment will result in appointment duration shortened to the time left in the session.

*All pricing +hst.  Cash, Credit, Prepaid Appointments VIA Online Scheduling System, Etransfer Accepted, Exact Cash 

Gratuity not Included.

3D View of Electrolysis Probe Removing Hair

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